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Open Postdoctoral Position

The Lowry Lab is currently looking to hire a postdoc to study the molecular basis of evolutionary trade-offs among growth, reproduction, and herbivore resistance. This research will be conducted with the yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus, which is model system for ecological and evolutionary functional genomics. Responsibilities will include molecular cloning, transformation and regeneration of M. guttatus, target gene knockouts with CRISPR-Cas9, data analysis, presentation of research results at scientific meetings, and manuscript writing. The Postdoctoral Research Associate is expected to work collaboratively with members of the Lowry Lab at Michigan State University and Dr. Liza Holeski’s lab at Northern Arizona University, including undergraduate and graduate students and technicians, to carry out this research.

The ideal candidate will have have an interest in evolutionary plant biology and have some experience with molecular techniques. Training in Mimulus transformation, regeneration, and gene editing techniques will be provided through two sessions at UC Berkeley in Ben Blackman’s lab as well as through summer courses led by Dr. Yaowu Yuan (University of Connecticut).

The position will be supported by a recent NSF grant that is described in more detail here:

Please address any questions about the position to David Lowry ( To apply for the position, you must complete the application at the following link:

For Potential Graduate Students

I am very interested in training diverse and interactive graduate students. To apply to join my lab, you will first need to contact me ( and explain in detail why you are interested in conducting your graduate research with me at MSU. I encourage all potential students to contact me by October of the year that they plan to submit an application for graduate school. Once we have exchanged a few e-mails and have established that my lab is right for you, I will set up a phone call with you to talk through the process of applying to MSU. Applications are typically due at the beginning of December to apply for the following Fall Semester. Please note that I cannot take applications at any other time during the year. Before contacting me, I strongly encourage you to read some of my recent publications, which can be found at:

I am a faculty member at MSU in the Department of Plant Biology ( While my appointment is in Plant Biology, there is the opportunity for graduate students to apply jointly to the University Program in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program (EEBB;, the Genetics and Genome Science Graduate Program (, and/or the Molecular Plant Sciences Program (MPS; Students in EEBB, Genetics and Genome Science, and MPS obtain their degree from a core department (Plant Biology), but also will receive a certificate from their training program.

There are several graduate fellowships at MSU (unfortunately, most of these are only available for US citizens). There are also TA positions available in the Plant Biology department at MSU. The MPS Program supports students during their first year of laboratory rotations. If you are eligible, I strongly encourage you to apply for a NSF Graduate Fellowship. These are very competitive, but a real benefit to your graduate program.

All of the application materials for the PhD programs should be available on the web, but if you have any questions regarding Plant Biology, please let me know.