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For Potential Graduate Students

If you are interested in topics related to my research and think that you might be interested in joining my lab, please feel free to contact me at Before contacting me, I strongly encourage you to read some of my recent publications, which can be found at:

My appointment at MSU is in the Department of Plant Biology ( While my appointment is in Plant Biology, there is the opportunity for graduate students to apply jointly to the University Program in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior (EEBB; Students in EEBB obtain their degree from a core department (Plant Biology), but also receive a certificate from EEBB. Students can also join my lab and receive their degree through the Genetics Graduate Program (, which is part of the BioMolecular Science Gateway (

There are several fellowships at MSU, one exclusively for students in the plant sciences (unfortunately, these are only available for US citizens). There are also TA positions available in the Plant Biology department at MSU. The Genetics Program supports students during their first year of laboratory rotations. If you are eligible, I strongly encourage you to apply for a NSF Graduate Fellowship. These are very competitive, but a real benefit to your graduate program.

All of the application materials for the PhD programs should be available on the web, but if you have any questions regarding Plant Biology, please let me know. For information and application materials for EEBB or Genetics, check the websites (see above). If you have questions about Plant Biology admission requirements and financial support, contact the Plant Biology graduate program coordinator Dr. Alan Prather (alan(at)