Our lab is currently working to develop an education module for middle school and high school students based on our research on the evolution of coastal and inland populations of the monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus. In 2016, we started a collaboration with Renee Bayer, Idit Adler, and Consuelo Morales of the MSU College of Education and with a creative writing expert, Danny Jackson, to construct narratives for the modules to connect with students and facilitate inquiry-based learning. We then collaborated with graphic artist, Louie Chin, to produce a comic book that is integrated into the module. This module has been implemented in middle and high school classes in Detroit and Flint, MI, where students conduct experiments with monkeyflower plants in the classroom. Going forward, we plan to make this hands-on education module available to students and teachers across the United States. This work is funded as part of a National Science Foundation grant. You can access and download the comic book here.